CHINTALESS NAGRIK Complaint – Fraud Dangerous Company

Subject: Fraud Dangerous company
My Name: Sunitha D
My City: USA & India
My State: Usa
My Complaint Against: CHINTALESS NAGRIK
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): 20000
My Complaint Description:
We are not able to reply to the false facts stated by the agency.

They have shared case details and we will share exactly how they behaved now
Please note we are noway bound to India. This will be now registered on all fraud sites here & with government. Furthermore we will follow up on this in India as well but we are protected.
Legal sanctions are in place for victim. What this Agency did after cheating is not human and disgusting. They have openly stated they "know people" Which shows they work by using some influence. We are here to make this known. You cannot play with people's lives & abuse further. If this site supports them. There are millions others which we can complaint all the truth on. You abused the privacy of the victims You stole money and this is how you operate.
We have contacted people there as you didn't resolve a thing you did worse. We will pursue this so you hurt no other innocent person.
Sad this agency operates or makes money this way
If you ever abuse victim further or complaint any more details we will seek immediate help as you are harassing from long. Us speaking up on these astrocities is needed

CHINTALESSNAGRIK M6, Sargam Shopping Center, Umra, Surat, Gujarat 395007, Surat, Surat District, Gujarat, India

Below original complaint
We were harassed for speaking up on this agency we sought help from. History our multiple criminal case is under all higher commissions now with all orders for action. it is an established case. Multiple criminal case involving multiple people. One associated on case is a woman so we thought to file a complaint on our own. We tried to file a police complaint in gujarat & mumbai since sept 2018. Our complaint and evidence was sent to many departments and it was confusing. We took the help of an agency chintaless nagrik in november 2018. We paid money. We had a ready detailed complaint. We had list of contacts case numbers. We had all evidence in albums. They never sent a complaint till jan 2019. It was a horrible one which showed they don't care. There is evidence as shown us wanting to withdraw case from this agency. Finally in february end we realised they never contacted any of our contacts and it was a mess. March first week we spoke up firmly. Then they started threatening us which is really horrible. After that we never hear from them. dealing with law enforcement as it is is difficult there but we worked so hard on our case going on 2 years. We reached top offices and this agency damaged our case here which is straightforward easy case. Mr umang agarwal mr karnav shah both were unethical & openly acted in a poor manner. We can't have this agency ruining our case. We waited months and now speaking out. Money is not issue but that money could go to some poor person not some fraud agency. We want to make this known. They said they would take care and they never did furthermore they are harassing one who was patient for 6 months now. They also stated they will call directly to other person who is involved with criminal harassment. This was highly unprofessional. That is for police to do with their help. Thank you i have shared a simple link to brief evidence. We have album of evidence what when on 6 months here. We are nri & india so we can file here too but we tried to deal with india thank you
They also never even cleared their huge mess up


We will be filing this complaint here now with all scam sites & with the government as we are not bound to India. Situation had reached this far as it's unacceptable what they did
We can answer these false facts they complainted elsewhere with enough to back it up

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One thought on “CHINTALESS NAGRIK Complaint – Fraud Dangerous Company

  1. Hi

    *** It can be seen that your group has initiated online defamation to get your unlawful demands met, but we would not surrender to such abuse. You want us to harm innocenpt people and help you with revange and as we have denied, you have initiated unlawful activities in group to write online about us, despits the fact we do not know you not worked with you. ***

    Kindly share invoice/receipt of Payment/donation made from you in regards to your case. Be informed we are non-profit organisation, not a service provider. When you pay, it goes for the expenses.

    As Google reviews complainted by you removed by Google after proper check, and grahak Surksha couldn’t initiate action under the law in the interest of natural justice, you have open ticket again hence i am attaching our old reply with you below.

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