PAY TM Complaint – Debit Of Excess Amount

Subject: Debit of excess amount
My City: Agartala
My State: Tripura
My Complaint Against: PAY TM
Complaint Category: Online Shopping
Claim Amount (Approx.): 4200 & 10000
My Complaint Description:
My Son Deepraj Dalal of Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan has ordered one item to online shopping i.e. shop and dealz but the item has returned. They asked to refund the amount to his account immediately and he wants to know his account number. My son has given two account number. But it is found that Rs.4200/- has been debited from the account No. SBI 20259008450 and Rs.10000/- has been debited from the account No.

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Lalji Mulji Transport Company Complaint – Excess Amount Charge

Subject: Excess amount charge
My Name: Gaurang
My Complaint Against: Lalji Mulji Transport Company
Complaint Category: Couriers & Parcels
Claim Amount (Approx.): 660
My Complaint Description:
Our L.R. NO. 25257521 Dt. 08-06-2019,
weight of material is 684.3kg, generally all transporter doing the same practice, they are charging
service charge
hamali charge
Builty charge
Insurance charge
(AOC) Addition operational cost (10% of total amount- crossing says)
When we are paying service tax how they can charge.
How can they charge builty charge?
Insurance charge is their look out, how can they charge?
AOC is their look out, how can they charge?

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MSEDCL / MSEB Complaint – Excess Unfair Bill Charged

Subject: Excess Unfair bill charged
My Name: Sumit Jeevnani
My City: Ulhasnagar
My Complaint Against: MSEDCL / MSEB
Complaint Category: Others
Claim Amount (Approx.): 2000
My Complaint Description:
So It's about 3 years we Installed A New Meter of Mseb in our house
Till Last 2 months from start our light bill usually comes about
500-700 thts for about 130 units of average per month.
But since of fault in meter last month that's for September bill came Abt 8000 that is 400+ units thats unfair fr home having
4 tubelites, 1 Washing machine , 1 T.v And 3 fans
And therefore we complained fr it so results was our meter was changed and new meter was installed nd.

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Patel Perfume – Surat Complaint – 60ml Box In 50ml Bottle 10ml Excess Price Per Unit

Subject: 60ml box in 50ml bottle 10ml excess price per unit
My Name: Ramsinhbhai Vajubhai Barad
My City: Sutrapada – Dhamlej
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: Patel Perfume – Surat
Complaint Category: Fashion & Jewelry
Claim Amount (Approx.): 1000000
My Complaint Description:
ગીર સોમનાથ જીલ્લા ગ્રાહક તકરાર નિવારણ ફોરમ કોર્ટ – જુનાગઢ સમક્ષા.
હાથીખાના, મજેવડી ગેઈટ, એમ.જી.રોડ, – મુ : જુનાગઢ પીન : ૩૬ર૦૦૧
ફરીયાદ નં : /ર૦૧૮
વિશાળ ગ્રાહક વર્ગના
હિતમા ફરીયાદી : શ્રી સરકાર તરફે.., સમાન ગ્રાહકોના હિતમાં ..,
રામસિંહભાઈ વજુભાઈ બારડ
રહે : ધામળેજ
તા : સુત્રાપાડા જી : ગીર સોમનાથ

વેપારી / ઉત્પાદક કંપની
સામાવાળા : નેક ફ્રેન્ચાઈસીસ,
ભવાની નગર, એલ.એચ.રોડ,
સુરત – ૩૯પ૦૦૬ મો : ૯૮ર૪૯ ૮૯૦૦૦

ફરીયાદ – બાબત : પટેલ નેક ક્રોસ એપ્રલસ્પ્રે બોકસ ઉપર ૬૦ એમએલ ની બોટલ એમઆરપી ૩૯૯ રૂપિયા બોકસની અંદરની સ્પ્રે બોટલ પ૦ એમએલની મુકી ગ્રાહકો સાથે કરવામાં આવતી ગુન્હાહીત છેતરપીંડી અને ઠગાઈ બાબતે.

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Dr. V. R. Vaghasia Complaint – Excess Charge Taken

Subject: Excess charge taken
My Name: Bhaveshgiri Devgiri Aparnathi
My City: Junagadh
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: Dr. V. R. Vaghasia
Complaint Category: Doctors & Hospitals
Claim Amount (Approx.): Excess charge taken
My Complaint Description:
I visited the hospital of dr. V…R. vaghasia for my mother on 07/10/2018 in morning. she is diagnosed fracture of metatarsal bone of left leg and doctor charged from us 400 /- for consultantcy, 300 /- rs. for x- ray and 2640 for plaster bandge with 300 rs medicine thus total rs. 3340 is charge which is so high , please take is considered

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