My City: KOTA
My State: Rajasthan
Complaint Category: Finance & Investment
My Complaint Description:
They call me as rahul employee of VISION INDIA CAPITAL FINANCE COMPANY,Bangalore..
asked me for personal loan up to 15 lakh,on very low interest rate of 5% because of promotional offer given by company.They wish only rs 11000 /-as insurance premium in their bank account for 300000 loan
AS I SEARCH ON GOOGLE I WAS FOUND IT FAKE COMPANY,so i am safe,but many of us didn't search on internet and trapped by such fraud calls.please do any action aur suggest any methode for these type of persons
please do some action

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National Payments Corporation Of India Complaint – Request To Remove Fraudulent Content [CY-907-20190222-617337]

Subject: Request to Remove Fraudulent Content [CY-907-20190222-617337]
My Name: LookingGlass Cyber Security Center
My City: Reston
My State: Virginia
My Complaint Against: National Payments Corporation of India
Complaint Category: Finance & Investment
My Complaint Description:

We are writing to you on behalf of National Payments Corporation of India, who contracts with us to detect and remove online threats against their clients. We bring to your attention the following website which is hosted on your server, and we ask you remove the content from your server.

IP Address:

We believe this site is posing a threat to our client, and we ask that you take immediate action to remove it from the Internet.

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Wealth Research Financial Services 213 Princess Buisenes Sky Park Vijayanagar Indor Complaint – છેતરપીંડી

Subject: છેતરપીંડી
My Name: Arvindbhai Makhabhai Selot
My City: Jhalod
My Complaint Against: Wealth research financial services 213 princess buisenes Sky park Vijayanagar Indor
Complaint Category: Finance & Investment
Claim Amount (Approx.): 1869000+626389=2495389
My Complaint Description:
રોજ 25000થી50000 નો નફો કરાવીસુ એવુ કહી 1869000 રૂપિયા લીધેલ છે અને નફો નહી 626389 રૂપિયા ખોટ કરાવેલ અને ફોન ઉપાડતા નથી

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Hero FINCORP Ltd. Complaint – Already Payable Amount And Hero Fincorp Not Update My Amount. I Received That Payment Slip.

Subject: Already payable amount and hero fincorp not update my amount. I received that payment slip.
My Name: Vijay pravinbhai chauhan
My City: Dumiyani
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: Hero FINCORP ltd.
Complaint Category: Finance & Investment
Claim Amount (Approx.): 7450
My Complaint Description:
Please update my receipt payment

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Hinduja Leyland Finance Complaint – Showing Due In CIBIL But Already Debited All Installments From My Bank Account

Subject: showing due in CIBIL but already debited all installments from my bank account
My Name: Suryakumar Muniram Kori
My City: Ahmedabad
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: Hinduja Leyland Finance
Complaint Category: Finance & Investment
My Complaint Description:
My loan installments were regularly debited from my bank account, but it is reflected in my CIBIL that there is some due from me, if there is any due from side then clarify what it is and for what it is. My installments were debited from dated 05 Dec, 2017 to 05 Feb, 2019 till this month installment. Also there is complain for no intimation provided by your side about this due by SMS, Email, letter, call or any other mean.

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