The Mobilecare ” Sony Ericsson” India Service Centre

My Name: Naitik Shah
My Complaint Against: The Mobilecare ” Sony Ericsson” India Service Centre
Contact of Complaint Against:
The Mobilecare
B/1, Samarat Complex,
In choice resturant gali,
Nr, Swastik char Rasta, Navrangpura,
My Complaint Description:
I have given my mobile to service centre for ear speaker problem on may 12, 2011 and yet they are denying to repair saying that spare parts not available. I have been mentally tortured from sony ericsson customer care and from the mobile care service centre. I have been lost my business as my important phone call are with the mobile.…

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Faulty Phone Given By Sony Ericson

My Name: piyush patel
My Complaint Against: sony ericson
Contact of Complaint Against:
sony ericson mobile phones
My Complaint Description:
dear sir/madam,
i have purchased a sony ericson phone last year in month of april. after puchase of mobile phone on 15th day mobile start behaving abnormal. automatic conatatc and photo were deleted. i showed it at theit local service centre. they return me after repairing. after 10 daysae the same problem get repeted.
till date 4 times i have reurned the phone to seriovice centre and every time the p[roblem still persists.
last time when i returned that was last month of my warranty so i told them to replace me because since i have purhcased mobile have’t worked goog for 1 month also.…

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મોબઈલ ફોન સર્વિસસ્ટેશન મા આપેલ છે જેનો કોઈ સચોટ જવાબ મળતો નથી.

Complaint Description:
date; march 28 2011 12:31 pm
work order no; SE311ASR10254
model no; J10i2

problem report: cant adjust volume, outgoing sound problem.

મેહુલ જી, ગાબાણી
સોની એરિક્સન નો મોબાઈલ સર્વિસસ્ટેશને આપ્યો ત્યારે કહેવામાં આવ્યું કે અઠવાડિયા દસ દિવસ મા કમ્પલેટ થય જશે ,
જયારે દસ દિવસે પૂછવામાં આવ્યું તો કહે છે કે હજુ બે-ચાર દિવસ થશે,
હવે જયારે અઠવાડિયે પૂછ્યું તો કહે છે કંપની માંથી હજુ આવ્યો નથી આવે એટલે તમને કોલ કરશું. ફરી જયારે પૂછ્યું તો કહે છે કે કંપની મા ડાઈ રેક્ટ પૂછો.
કંપની મા ફોન કરીએ તો દરેક વખતે કોઈ નવોજ વ્યક્તિ હોય છે. જેથી દરેક વખતે નવી નવી ડીટેલ પૂછે છે.…

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Mobile Under Warranty Period Not Received From Ideal Communication Even After More Than One And Half(1.5) Month

My Name: Ajay Bholabhai Kahar
My Complaint Against: Ideal Communication
Contact of Complaint Against:
FF-3, Hari Vinayak Complex,
Opp. Braham Shabha Hall,Pratap Road,
Dandia Bazar, Vadodara -390 001.
Phone No : 0265- 3019099
My Complaint Description:
Respected Sir, /M’am,
I am Ajay kahar. I bought the Micromax X290 on 15.12.2010 from Mobile Wala, Rajmhel road , Vadodara but since it had a problem of voice cut I gave it to the customer care, Ideal communication Four to Five times but they did not repair my mobile phone properly. At the end Ideal communication people told me that the PCB of mobile is to be replaced so I submitted the cell phone on dated 07.04.2011.…

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