Video On D2h Complaint – Without Information Topper Channel Activate And Deduct Amount From Balance

Subject: Without information Topper channel activate and deduct amount from balance
My Name: Vivek Govindbhai Patel
My City: Ankleshwar
My Complaint Against: Video on d2h
Complaint Category: Videocon Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.): 70
My Complaint Description:
My customer no.12034609.i have not activated channel no. 160 Topper channel but activate and deduct balance.and after that call for complaint they did not record complaint and told that your complaint is registered. Again when I am calling for resolving the problem they told that you did not register any complain and reduce to refund amount which is deducted.before one month ago same case happened and I told that again such type of call not to be done in my number but they did and now they refuse to refund amount.

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Videocon D2h Complaint – Refund Available Balance Remained And Cut Off Connection

Subject: Refund available balance remained and cut off connection
My Name: Manesh Rajaram Mhaske
My City: Ahmednagar
My State: Maharashtra
My Complaint Against: Videocon d2h
Complaint Category: Videocon Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.): Balance i recharged last month
My Complaint Description:
I recharged Videocon d2h customer no. 32704391, after 19 this sep the service not working , they suggested to give complaint , then I got complaint it , the problem is not solved , i want to get back my complaint, and cut connection , and refund available balance,

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VIDEOCON INDUSTRIES Complaint – Defective LED TV Within Warranty Period – No Service Being Provided (Location JAJPURTOWN – ODISHA)

Subject: Defective LED TV within Warranty period – No service being provided (Location JAJPURTOWN – ODISHA)
My State: ODISHA
Complaint Category: Videocon Complaints
My Complaint Description:
Ref: 40” LED TV type code – VJU40FH24CAF A1

Dear Mam/Sir,
Kindly note that I have a Videocon LED TV installed at my residence during Oct-2017, as per above details.

The TV has become defective and non-functional w.e.f. 1st July 2018, within warranty period of one year.

I have personally contacted the servicing branch at Videocon Center – JAJPURTOWN (Contact person Mr.

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Vijay Sales Surat/videocon Tv Complaint – वोरेंट होते हुवे भी पैसा मांगते है।

Subject: वोरेंट होते हुवे भी पैसा मांगते है।
My Name: भाविन सुरेशभाई पटेल
My City: सूरत
My State: गुजरात
My Complaint Against: Vijay sales surat/videocon tv
Complaint Category: Videocon Complaints
My Complaint Description:
मेने 39इंच का वीडियोकॉन का टीवी विजय सेल्स सूरत पिपलोड से खरीदा था जो कि 5 साल की वोरेंटी में चल रहा है लेकिन अभी मेरे टीवी में कुछ प्रॉब्लम हुई है तो मैने विजय सेल्स में कॉल किया और कंप्लेन दर्ज करवाई।लेकिन जब वीडियोकॉन वालो का मुजे कॉल आया तो वो मुझसे 1200/- रुपये मांग रहे है ।और मेरा मेरा टीवी वोरेंटी में है जिसका मुजे कोई पैसा देना नही है।मेने पहली कंप्लेन 24/08/18 को दर्ज करवाई थी लेकिन आज तक मेरा काम नही हुआ है।विजय सेल्स सुरत का कॉन्टेक्ट नंबर 0261 6712222.

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Digi World Complaint – Warranty Issue

Subject: warranty issue
My Name: vaibhav kishorbhai goradiya
My City: Ahmedabad
My State: 09
My Complaint Against: Digi world
Complaint Category: Videocon Complaints
Claim Amount (Approx.): 14451
My Complaint Description:
I am a customer from Bhavnagar Gujarat , I am facing problem from last 2.5 month about the issue of Videocon Television , bought from "Digi World Electronic world" located at Dawn Chowk , Bhavnagar , owner name by Mr. Bhavesh Kothari (98240127270) , had cheat us with selling fake product , we used TV for 1 year approx n its stopped working , warranty for 3 year provided by company , owner took TV for repair or replace , but there is no Proper reply by the owner or company executive , we ask thousands of time for the same issue but at the end he said , he can not do any thing with our problem , our un-repaired TV is with him and also not providing any update for the new or exchange or warranty .

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