Defective Machine Delivered And Now Not Ready To Replace It

Complaints Against: Samsung (The Electronic Store)

I have purchased samsung washing machine from “The Electronic Store”,
Shivalik Ishan VI, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, with bill no.
4C10000006333 dt. 30.10.2010. The detail of the machine given in the
bill is as under:
Code : 1WMSA0154
Description : SA-WM-6.5KG FATL-WA85ASN
The delivery of the machine was given on 31.10.2010 but no
demonstration was given. After our vigerous follow up company
representative came on 01.11.2010 for demo. Very next day on
dt.02.11.2010 we found problem with the machine and try to complain on
2nd and 3rd nov but there was no response of telephone call from the
dealer. We thought that it might be because of the Diwali Festival
Holidays. So we waited for 3-4 days. AFter that we once again made the
follow up with the store which informed that the complain will be
attended with in 72 hrs. there was a call from SAMSUNG office. Somebody
attended the complain and informed us that there is no problem with the
machine although our clothes are damaged and we had shown it to him
but he suggested to carry on with the machine and change the drainage
pipe position and same will remove the white spots which are occuring
on the clothes.
Next day we found that there is no improvement in the working of the
machine and it again damaged (torned) the clothes and also the white
spots on clothes. We again made the complaint and again the same 72 hrs
was given but no body turned up. After 72hrs we talked to the dealer
again who again promised that it will be attended in next 72 hrs but i
insisted to attend it immediately. The same day two gentlemen attended
the complain and informed that machine has problem with drum of the
machine. Either it should be repaired by taking the machine to workshop
or if it is not repaired then we will replace the drum. I fail to
understand that the machine which is not working properly from day 1
i.e. 01.11.2010 how can I allow the mechanic to take machine for
repair. I insisted for replacement of the same but the dealer has not
agreed for the same saying it can be replaced only with in 4 days of
We have to say with regret that if a defective  machine is supplied by
the company or the dealer why cant it be replaced?.
I hereby request you to bring to their notice that if the heart of the product (the drum)  does not perform on the very first day then the company must replace the machine itself and not the defective part.
Kindly help us in the matter.
Looking forward for your quick action and faster replacement of the
defective machine.
Thanking you
Pravin Joshi

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