DOCOMO Porbandar

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am writting in regards to Tata Docomo Gujarat Cellular service. I have Tata Docomo sim card that I am using it for last 1 year, I had lots of problems with their service and so many times I complaint to their personnel but they have not taken any steps regards to my complaint. Now I am writting it to you and I hope you would take some serious steps against the company. Its been last 3 to 4 months whenever I called any overseas number they will make you listen to their advertisement 2 times and than only you get connected to the dialed number. Its not the first time I dialed the international number and the advertiment is played but every single time I dial any international number and the advertisement is being played. I complaint to customer representative but no satisfactory answer is been given to me and infact they even refused to accept that any such advertisement is being played while making the international call. I have spoke to the

senior personnel but same negative reply is been given by them too. I have tried making international call with other Tata Docomo number and company has put advertisement for all outgoing calls to international number all their Docomo numbers.

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