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I order for a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 from Infibeam on 9th February. Order no is 10163323. When placing the order it was shown that the product will be shipped in two days. But after placing the order and payment it came that the order would be shipped on 14th which is 5 days instead of promised 2 days and I could not wait so long as I am leaving town. So I immediately( within 5 mins of placing the order) called up them and was told that my order shall be marked as priority one. But when in the evening I again called them up to check my order status I was informed by one of the customer care executive that the product is right now out of stock and as such could not be shipped on time. I asked her if I can cancel it since it was their fault and not mine. She said yes and accepted it and also told that I would get my entire money back in four (4) days which is Rs 34,800. After that I also wrote a mail requesting the same. But As I saw no change in my order status in the website I again called up the next day and was gain told the same thing that my requested had been accepted and they are processing the cancellation and
refund. After that no communication from them and no change in my order status. So this morning I again called and was bluntly told that they would refund the money only after deducting 5% which amounts to almost Rs 1800 as fine. I was stunned. They expect me to pay for their fault wherein I am the victim whose money they are holding back and because of which I am unable to purchase my thing from other shop.

They are trying to mislead me from the very first with multiple information. Moreover they wont reply to your mail. I believed in their 2 day shipping promise and paid and then it became 5 day and then I was told its out of stock and now they are telling me I need to pay fine because they product has been procured for me. Is it justified. I haveen subjected to severe mental and monetary stree which is affecting my health because of it as Rs 34800 is not a small amount and they are sitting on it without ever bothering to acknowledge their fault. i have decided to pursue the matter legally also as it is not only about money but about trust and principle. I do not want others to suffer like me. I am shocked and will not let them get away with such cheating.


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