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I want to find out the full detail of this company , this company make a member or give a survey after complete the survey company credit the 10$ in our ID. please find the full detail of this company . company prove that this is a Singapore based company for survey company in multinational company.
this is a website for this company …..


If Anybody has any complaint regarding this company, please write your complaint on this website. If you want to share knowledge about this company, please write your comments in the box below:

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3 thoughts on “Full Details About Speak Asia Online

  1. Dear Friends,

    Today you can see a U turn announcement from SPEAKASIA. Now!!! They have last extended day for increase in price to 20th MAY 2011.

    What it means… Looto India Looto.

    They want to get maximum money on the name of price increase….people will rush to get quick profit. (Easy Money) and they will get caught.

    What a cheating strategy!!! ( They have mentioned that small business owners like chai wala, gola wala, shoe maker, subji vendor are also investing 11000… what a strategy

    of looting people with limited knowledge)

    They also claims GOA CM is going to visit their GENXBAZAR. Let’s see. We have sent an email to CM asking his confirmation.

    Is CM of GOA going to Support such a Fraud activity????? Visit following links to get proof of this fraud.


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