GTPL – Broadbanf Complaint – Interrupted Internet

Subject: interrupted internet
My Name: Parvez Khan Pathan
My City: Ahmedabad
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: GTPL – Broadbanf
Complaint Category: Internet Services & Websites
Claim Amount (Approx.): 6000
My Complaint Description:
Dear ___________,

It is with great sorrow that I write to you today regarding my high-speed Internet service. While GTPL Internet service has never had problems before, recently I have experienced severe interruptions to my Internet as well as slow speeds. I believe that because I have not received the service I am paying for. I should be refunded at least a month's worth of service.

The problem began on October, when my Internet went down for several days. I established that the problem was not my computer or the wireless connection, and then contacted you about the service interruption. GTPL claimed they would send a repairman right away. No repairman was sent for another two days.

The problem continued throughout November. My Internet would cease working for several hours at a time, and then restart spontaneously. GTPL claimed that the problem was on my end or line , but I checked this possibility at every occurrence by plugging my computer directly into the modem instead of using wireless. I also tried using the Internet from different computers, to no avail.

I have established to my satisfaction that the problem is beyond my control, and that GTPL are not providing the service I am paying for. I study online, so it is essential that I have Internet that is functional. If GTPL cannot guarantee service, I will have to move to another provider. Please call me at Register Number or Alternate number to explain to me what you intend to do about this situation. I would normally ask that GTPL email me at the address listed below, but since I cannot guarantee that I will be able to access my email with your service, I would prefer that you call.

Parvez Khan Pathan

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