HDFC BANK Parle Point Surat

Dear sir, i am indian citizen. At present living in Germany. I have HDFC saving account since last 6 years. Now i wanted to convert it into NRO account.

HDFC authority told me to come personally to the HDFC branch office for openning the account. So i visited india specially for NRO account and my Home loan.

I have submitted all required documents For my NRO account to HDFC personal banker Mr. Abbas as on date 3rd jan2011. Mr. abbas told me that it will open within 1 week. till today it is not opened. Actually because of my NRO account i was not able to proceed with my Home loan also. Actually i am existing customer since last 5 years so they have all my data and i want to convert same saving account to NRO.

After this irritation i tried to contact HDFC support. I wrote sveral email. Mr. Rath from HDFC told me that it will take 5 working days . So i wait for 5 days and still its not opened. Now Mr. Rath is telling following sentence:
We trust our bank official Ms. Kashmira Ashra has spoken to you regarding account conversion. Please note that we have sent your request for account conversion and the same will be done within 7 working days time.

Currently i am in germany and my father have to do the payment of our house very soon and its depends on my home loan. My home loan is depends on my NRO account.

Please do need full in this case.

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