Aadhar Card For Children

Children & kids above 1 year of age can apply for AADHAAR card. Kids’ biometrics data, such as finger prints, keep changing frequently upto 5 years of age. Therefore no biometric data will be collected for kids below 5 years age. For children below 5 years age, the AADHAAR card will be linked to their guardian / parents. When the child turns 5 years age, his/her biometric data will be collected and linked to his/her AADHAAR card.

When the child turn 15 years age, his/her final biometric data will be taken once again (for the last time) and linked to the AADHAAR card.

For kids, proof of Date of Birth document is necessary. Either parent, who has applied for AADHAAR card, can introduce their children for AADHAAR card. For that the introducing parent’s Proof of Identity and Proof of Address document will need to be submitted for the kid’s AADHAAR card.

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