Increase Product Price Against Government And People

Dear sir.

I m from Palanpur ( Banaskantha —-Gujarat)
sir we know very well that our Government strict in plastic bag.
there are banned on Plastic pouch Gutkha and pan masala, so now a day there are limited stock in gutkha. so here one pan masala shop situated at palanpur-ahmedabad highway, name is “way wait parlor“. they are selling all product in double rate. they are selling mini water pouch in 2 rupees.

pan cost is 10 rs, RMD gutkha 10 rs, Rmd masala 8 rs, wills classic cigaret 8 rs, classic mild 10 rs etc.
so that is why we all customer must have to pay a lots of price, so we feel very bad sir.
i have complaint against gutkha distributers. they are giving gutkha at higher prices (mrp of one gutkha is one rupees and they are selling in 2 rupess) this is too much. please do something. becasue company is not increasing any mrp on the packet of any thing and they are selling on double mrp.

i hope sir you give us real support.

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One thought on “Increase Product Price Against Government And People

  1. hey buddy it is going with us.. Day by day the price increase.. only in our gujarat water pouch sells. 3 Manichand price 50 rs and also not giving one..

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