Lenovo India Pvt. Ltd. Complaint – Violation Of Warranty – Lenovo Laptop Thinkpad Yoga 260

Subject: Violation of Warranty – Lenovo Laptop Thinkpad Yoga 260
My Name: Sudhir hebbar Veeramangal
My City: mumbai
My State: maharashtra
My Complaint Against: Lenovo India Pvt. Ltd.
Complaint Category: Electronics Appliances
Claim Amount (Approx.): 113,800 + Redressal Expenses
My Complaint Description:
I had purchased the Lenovo Laptop Thinkpad Yoga 260 (20fea025Ig) with Serial no. mp13kuuw on 13-Aug-2016 with 3 years warranty. This is supposed to be a high end product and the price was Rs. 1.20 lakhs.

I had problems with its Touch Screen, Cooling Fan and the Key Board and raised Service Request no. 8011659549. While Lenovo rectified the Screen and the Cooling Fan under warranty which is valid till August-2019, they refused to rectify/ replace the Key Board but instead gave a price quotation of Rs. 13,800/- for replacement.

The problem with Key Board is – the Keys coming off one by one. Initially they start misbehaving and then they come out. Over last couple of months, 2 keys have got completely dislodged and 2 more partially disldged. I have never ever experienced such a problem with any other laptop of any other make, used in the past. Obviously this is a defect specific to the Lenovo laptop that I have. Yet, Lenovo refuses to consider this as a Warranty issue and labelled it as Accidental damage. How can this be an accidental damage when the problem pertains to keys coming off slowly one by one over a period of time ? Their service representative Mr. Mithun was irresponsible and even put down the phone when I tried to argue this out with him. During the conversation, it was pretty apparent that your Mr. Mithun cared least for the customer OR the warranty terms OR company's own reputation.

Subsequently I escalated the matter to their Mr. Mohan Salvi/ Ms. Vinutha and further to their Managing Director Mr.
Rahul, along with photographic evidence. I requested them to call me and also invited their best engineer to come to my residence and inspect the laptop properly.

Their Managing Director Mr. Rahul and Mr. Mohan Salvi simply kept ignoring all my emails, in spite of my repeated
reminders. Ms. Vinutha also did not call me but replied stating that it is Accidental Damage and cannot be covered under Standard Warranty which is still valid. When, I asked her how keys coming out one by one slowly over a period of time can be accidental damage and where in their Warranty Terms such statement is written, she did not give a direct answer.

I can send you the entire trail of correspondence with Ms. Vinutha/ Mr. Rahul / Mr. Mohan Salvi.

As it is becoming extremely difficult to operate the laptop without keys, I wrote to them that I will pay the money to buy the key board from them but in due course of time file a complaint with Consumer Court and recover this money in addition to the MENTAL agony they have caused to me.

My demand is that – Lenovo must be penalized for their unscrupolous action of NOT honouring warranty. They must compensate me Rs. 13,800 for the Key Board + Rs. 100,000 for the MENTAL agony and distress that they have caused to me, IN ADDITION TO ANY EXPENSES THAT COULD BE INCURRED DUE TO CONSUMER COURT REDRESSAL.

Seeking your help in reaching Lenovo, their concerned individuals I have named above (Mr. Mithun, Ms. Vinutha, Mr. Rahul, Mr. Mohan Salvi), bring them to books and make them pay THE SAID MONEY to me.

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