LIC Housing Finance Limited Complaint – Please Help A Poor Lady And Her Daughter So That They Don’t Commit Suicide

Subject: Please help a Poor Lady and her Daughter so that they don't commit suicide
My Name: Sunil Nair
My City: Ahmedabad
My State: Gujarat
My Complaint Against: LIC Housing Finance Limited
Complaint Category: Banks Complaints
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing this Grievance/Appeal Letter on behalf of Mrs. Rinkiben Ankit Porwal. She is married to Mr. Ankit Porwal and they have a very smart & intelligent 7 yr old duaghter who is exceptionally good in her studies. As of now their condition is deplorable and vulnerable. Rinkiben is the sole earner of her family and she earns meagre money by Cooking food and washing utensils in 5 Houses, 1 of the House being the PG where I stay. Her husband has a small clothes shop which is in loss.

Whatever she earned every month, she had given it to hubby to pay for the LIC Home Loan EMIs (Details of the Loan attached as PDF). But unfortunately she didnt know that the money she handed over to her hubby for EMIs was not deposited into the bank loan account by her hubby rather it was invested in his already loss making business. Its only after 1 yr in Dec 2018 that she came to know about this fact after receiving the Notice letter from Bank. Today the condition is such that she DOES NOT have any money to pay for her Daughters School Fees.

It is true that she had been duped & decieved by her own husband who took advantage of her innocence and her commitment. But its also true that if you as the Bank & Govt Administrators ignore her pathetic and vulnerable situation, then you are equally guilty of a crime. She is feeling desperate, frustrated and helpless at this juncture of her young life. If she decides to commit suicide along with her daughter, you will have blood on our hands.

I request the Bank LIC (and the various Govt Agencies & Ministries that I am addressing to in this letter) to please support this hard working woman and her child so that a family is not broken and the childs education is not disrupted due to a mistake committed by her father.

On one hand the Banks are helpless & unable to track down defaulting Businessmen such as Nirav Modi, Mehul Chowksi and Vijay Mallya who have duped the country worth Crores of Rupees. And on the other hand the same Banks, without Conscience, are being Very Strict, Inflexible with the poor and vulnerable citizens such as Mrs. Rinkiben.

I appeal to you to please consider the situation of this innocent Mother & Child and then decide the proceedings in an humane manner so that this family can survive and they dont have to take any suicidal steps.

If you do not help her within 7 days, as mentioned in the final notice by LIC Bank, we would not be able to stop her from taking unnecessary undesirable drastic actions on herself and her child.

Please…Please … Save this Family… At least on Humanitarian grounds.

We just have 7 days to help them because they have been served the last notice to evict the house by 26th March 2019.

Her Loan Acct Details are:
LIC Housing Finance Ltd.
Ahmedabad Branch
Mrs. Rinkiben Ankit Porwal
Loan Acct Number ~ 612600000262 File Number ~ 6126000383 &
Loan Acct Number ~ 612600000263 File Number ~ 6126000382

Sunil Nair
7994554909 (WhatsApp)
[email protected]

Letters Sent to:

Women & Child ~ Registration Number : DOWCD/E/2019/00469
Consumer Affairs ~ Registration Number : DOCAF/E/2019/00848
RBI ~ Registration Number : DEABD/E/2019/07888
Social Justice ~ Registration Number : MOSJE/E/2019/00540
Govt of Gujarat ~ Registration Number : GOVGJ/E/2019/01172
External Affairs Sushma Swaraj ~ Registration Number : MEAPD/E/2019/01279

LIC Housing Finance Limited:
Sub:SOS call to Save a Woman & her Family on the Verge of Self-Destruction
Mail to:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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