Micromax Complaint – Malfunctioning After Delayed Servicing And Delayed Servicing

Subject: Malfunctioning after delayed servicing and delayed servicing
My Name: Ashutosh
My Contact No.: 9537180432
My City: Ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: Micromax
Micromax’s Contact Details: 9824517407
Complaint Category: Mobile Companies
My Complaint Description:
I have a Micromax A 110Q, which is under warranty. The screen developed some dark circles, and I approached M/s Phoenix Services – An authorized Micromax Service Station (Job Sheet No. W010632 – 0814 – 11596371). They promised to service it in a couple of days, or at the most within a week. After repeated reminders and complaints to Micromax by emails, I got the handset back after more than 25 days. When I received it, the sim card and the memory card slot were broken (they were not initially broken, they broke them while servicing), when I complained, they repaired / replaced the slots. After using the handset for less than a week, the touch screen started to hang and started to produce incorrect outcomes (e.g. I would tap on ”A” and it would type”H”). I again approached M/s Phoenix Services and they said that the screen that they had installed after a huge gap of over 25 days was faulty and they would have to replace it. Already shocked by the humongous delay and careless attitude of the staff at the service center, I refused to handover my handset and requested them to replace the screen immediately in my presence. They said they were out of stock, and I said I may come back in a week and they may procure the screen from the company by then. Even then, they told me that I would have to handover my handset, then they will procure the screen and give it back to me. When I asked them, how many days it would take, they had no fixed no. of days to promise. My original touch screen had just some circles on it, but functionally it was fine, the new screen that they have installed, is malfunctioning. They solved a small problem of mine, and put me into a bigger one, and now they don’t even want to replace it immediately. My work is heavily dependent on my phone, and I cannot afford to give it back to them again, learning from the past experience that they may take a month. I kindly request you to do the needful to get my touch screen replaced immediately and extend the warranty by two months.

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