Mr. Jayesh Car Broker Complaint

My father is a senior citizen and wanted a second hand car. He met a car broker called Mr. Jayesh who sold him a second hand car. Mr. Jayesh said that given car no GJ9 2800 a hundai verna is first honor and the highest model of the segment. He had taken my father in his confidence and told him that any time he can re sell this car when ever my father desired at the price of morethan 5 lakhs. After words when I discovered that car is having 4 honors in the past and we are the 5th honor of the car. Now when I went to meet Mr. Jayesh he used abuse words and said that this car is good for nothing and he never wanted to sell such car. Please help us my father had spend 5 and half lakhs on the purchase of it and then more than 1lakh on its repairing and new tyres with alloy wheels.

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