Mr. Urvesh-Baroda Express In Alkapuri Road, Vadodara

My Mom has send a shipment/cargo from Baroda, Gujarat to Kuwait with the help of Baroda Express in Alkapuri Road, Baroda. He told me that shipment will be delivered to my Home at Kuwait.  When the shipment reached Kuwait, I got a call from a Overseas cargo service Kuwait, saying that I have to get import license to get this shipment and pay 5000 to 6000 Rs (30 to 40 dinar) at Kuwait Customs.

As Baroda Express in Alkapuri Road, Vadodara told to deliver me at home with no extra charge, I am not able to get my shipment at my home Kuwait.  And daily penalty of 275/-RS (1.5dinar) is laid on my shipment.
He says I have to get it cleared and at my cost.
And that to he says, I cannot help and you can go to consumer court if you want to.
Now it is a long time and till date I didn’t receive my shipment.

– Chirayu

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