Nishkal School Managed By Smt. Diwaliben Ambalal Charitable Trust

My Name: Suresh Solanki
My Complaint Against: Nishkal school managed by Smt. Diwaliben Ambalal Charitable Trust
Contact of Complaint Against:
Nishkal school
Smt. Diwaliben Ambalal Charitable Trust Vijay Nagar Rad, Naranpura, Ahmedabad- 380 013.
Phone No. of school: 079 27453988 & 079 27473131
Cell No. of Mr. Ashyut Dani : 09724801313

My Complaint Description:
We have enquired regarding admission of my daughter for 2nd STD in the above mention school on 14/11/2011, and found that the admission is available so we have decided to get admission. We have filled the form of admission and give the check of Rs. 10000/- (5000 for admission and 5000 for tuition fees).
On 15/11/11 & 16/11/11 my daughter was gone for study for whole day. On 16/11/11 I got new job at Vadodara and accordingly we have inform to school to our transfer and give application to cancel the admission 17/11/11.
After 16th November, my wife requesting to school principles/ director regarding refund but they was not replied properly and says everyday different story to us as below
1. We will reply on tomorrow, after talking with our trusty. (on 17/11/11 replied from executives
2. Till we have not talk to trusty, and says that as per admission form “Paid fees are not refundable at any circumstance” but they will discus and replied. (on 18/11/11 replied from principal )
3. On 19/11/11 I have request to refund the fees, and talk to executives in absence of authority personal as per the executives. We have request to convey my message & condition to authority personal.
4. On 21/11/11, we tell him you cut your documentation and two days tuition fees, but they tell us we will definitely discuss with management during meting at evening of 22nd , and we will call you, but we not received any call,
5. On 23/11/11, my wife again rush at Nishkal School and angered to Principal due to different story and diplomatic answer to not refund our money. We have referred our relatives regarding harassment by above school people. After that Principal decided to refund tuition fees only.
6. We want to know, what should be the actual admission fees as per government and what they taken from other students? What is the reason they don’t want to return the fees as because admission is incomplete. they are reply we cant do any thing this is our limitation, we loose our temper and we become rowdy due to such harassment diplomatic answer. So we want to meet the authority persons,
7. On the same day at 3pm Mr. Ashut Dani meet us as a trusty, we have discuss all matter with him. He says that it is your mistake that you have paid fees. And if you done mistake than you have to pay for that. Ones you fill the admission form than you are not liable to refund even though admission is not complete. We have talk hardly. Finally he told us “ I am also not authority to take decision, I have also talk to other Trusty, Mr. Ashut Dani tell us you call on my cell tomorrow 3 pm. I have call him on his cell and he replied am will reply within 15 minutes, but he not reply so I call again, again they cut my phone, and send a massage “ In meeting call you later” but he again not call us, we recall him after that he has stop to receive my call.
8. Very next day I call from other mobile, they replied bluntly “Tamare thai te Karilo fee Passi Nahi male” and cut the phone.
Due to above we are very depressed and feel bad, and my wife can not sleep well.
We request you to help us to get back our money and give us justice.
I would like to inform you other Key Points as followings,
1) We have not submitted LC from previous school even though they confirm our admission.
2) They have not provided us any receipt of 10,000/-
3) My check has been credited to Nishkal’s Account on 16/11/11

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