My Complaint Against: Olive telecom
Contact of Complaint Against:
Olive Telecom
862 Udyog Vihar, Phase V,
Gurgaon – 122016
Toll Free : 1800 266 65483

My Complaint Description:
I am denish leaving at jamnagar. I bought an olivepsd on 13 dec 2010.
On 15 sept 2011 display of my olivepad got cracked. Upon calling the
toll free number of company, they instructed to visit authorised
service centre. On 3 oct I went to redington india pvt ltd. Authorised
service centre(asc) at vadodara, travelling 350 kms. Though they are
mentioned as authorised service centre,they replied saying that they
can not provide service for olive pads. Then I sent the olive pad to
duggal sales(authorised service centre) at ahmedabad on 16 oct 2011.
After numerous follow up, on 10 nov 2011 the service centre gave an
estimate of around rs. 9000. This is just rs. 5000 less then the new
piece. In explanation they said “everything is connected with display
and in order to replace the display they will have to change full
casing including everything except battery and screen guard”. Since
display is not covered in warranty they are demanding for everything
that is connected with display although everything is working fine
except the display. It is purely the companies problem that they
cannot replace the display only. How could they ask for other parts
which are working fine. This is clear case of cheating the customers.
Total I have lost 21550 (olivepad cost) + 800 (traveling to asc
without solution) + 2500 (leave without pay from job) + priceless
inconvenience due to such frubulous product. Please help me.

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