My Name: Rakesh Kumar
My Contact No. 8826478999
My Complaint Against: Complain against Axis Bank DST
Complain against Axis Bank DST’s Contact Details: Vipin – 9654993904
Complaint Category: Banks Complaints
My Complaint Description:
Hi there,

I applied for a Car Loan through Bank and they forwarded my application to Axis Bank. I got the loan approved and bought a new car for me on September 20th 2012.

Here is the scenario from Axis Bank when I applied for this loan : Axis bank received my application through Bank The message were very clear by to process my application @ 11.25% for loan amount of Rs 3 lakhs for 4 years.…

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Vodafone Is A Thief Vodafone Looting People By Unjustified Balance Deductions And Blaming The Customer In The End

My Name: Kanav Singh
My Contact No. [email protected]
My Complaint Against: vodafone delhi
vodafone delhi’s Contact Details: [email protected]
Complaint Category: Vodafone Complaints
My Complaint Description:

i was using blackberry services for which i paid 400 rupees yesterday.Along with this i was having 80 rupees balance in my number but suddenly my bb sevrvices stopped working and whn i checked my balance it was Rs -40(negative Balance)

I called customer care and they are putting the blame on me that i had sent mms to people..Even if i had messaged ,how did the balance reached Rs -40(negative Balance) as when you have Rs 0 in your account you are unable to send msgs…

Along with this,i don’t even know how to use mms service and if balance was deducted i didn’t got any message or any popup notification.…

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Deduction Of Balance Without Activating A Package

My Name: suraj anantrao deshmukh
My Contact No. 08855053058
My Complaint Against: uninor telecommunications
uninor telecommunications’s Contact Details: nodal office pune 9175010101, customer care 121
Complaint Category: Uninor Complaints
My Complaint Description:
I am using uninor number 8855053058
today at 8.52 pm i got sms that 14 rs deducted from my balance for music unlimited service by itself and also 30 rs wil be deducted next time it is also written in that sms.I never activated any kind of pack.When i inquired at customer care they said me call on 777 number.i called followed the instructions and although i pressed the said button system was not responding..when i called back again person on phone was not cooperative and talking i could not unsuscribe the pack and couldnt get refund.…

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My Name: Pintupatel
My Contact No. 9033935636
My Complaint Against: Reliance
Reliance’s Contact Details: Reliance
Complaint Category: Reliance Comaplaints
My Complaint Description:
They have not provide an propre serivce to the customer.they just take an complaint. But can’t solve please.…

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Public Display Of Personal Info

My Name: ghh
My Contact No. 9819587265
My Complaint Against: Grahak Suraksha
Grahak Suraksha’s Contact Details: Grahak Suraksha
Complaint Category: Advertising Media
My Complaint Description:
I have complainted a complaint before on your website. Now i have received notification that whoever searches by my name on google that complaint is visible with my name, address and contact details. How do you propose to hide my personal info including my name from not featuring in search engines.…

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