TATASKY Complaint – पैसा फसाके मानसिक प रेशान किये जाने

Subject: पैसा फसाके मानसिक परेशान किये जाने
My Name: ajay purohit
My Contact No.: 9427571476
My City: ahmedabad
My Complaint Against: TATASKY
TATASKY’s Contact Details: jyoti,saminaz,tina (mithapur call center )siddharth,pandurang,ravindra sekre(puna call center18001805555)
Complaint Category: Entertainment
My Complaint Description:
17 अप्रैल १४ को सर्विस चालू करनेके लिए tatasky से फ़ोन आया की आप rs 200/- से रिचार्ज करदे तो हम आपका सर्विस चालू कर देंगे उस हिसाब से हमने recharge किया उसके बाद हम हररोज फ़ोन करते रहे लेकिन कोई नया एम्प्लोय फ़ोन पे आता हे और वह 2 दिन का टाइम देता हे और 2 दिन के बाद फिरसे फ़ोन करते हे तो फिर से नया एम्प्लोय फिरसे 2 दिन का टाइम ,
हमने लगातार 10 दिन यही किया और जितनी बार हमने फ़ोन किया उतनी बार 2 – 3 घंटा इन लोगो के साथ फ़ोन पे हमने हमारा काम धंधा बिगाडे हे , इन लोगोके साथ भेजापच्ची करके हमारा ब्लड प्रेशर हाई हो जाता था,
बड़ी मुस्किल से हमने 4 मई को हमारा सर्विस चालू करवाया लेकिन इन 15-16 दिन तक में इन लोगोने हमारी दिमागी हालत बहुत खराब करदी और हमारा समय जो बर्बाद किया उसका ,हमारा धंधा जो बिगाड़ा उसका नुकसान कोन देगा
हमने असोका में भी 20 अप्रेल को क्म्प्लेंन दिथी जिसका क्म्प्लेंन नम्बर #633116.…

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Complaint Against Bsnl Hungama Music On Demand Music On Demand Service Activated And Charged Without My Confirmation

Subject: Music on demand service activated and charged without my confirmation
My Name: Madhu Kumar S
My Contact No.: 9845785736
My City: Mysore
My Complaint Against: Complaint against Bsnl Hungama Music on Demand – BSNL
Complaint against Bsnl Hungama Music on Demand – BSNL’s Contact Details: 18002097010
Complaint Category: Internet Services & Websites
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir,
I have been using BSNL service since 3 years and my landline no is 0821-2304736 with broadband service.

Even though I have never ever subscribed for Hungama music, i am getting money deducted from last 3 months.…

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Dhanvi Internet Complaint – Not Getting Refund

Subject: not getting refund
My Name: Parth patel
My Contact No.: 09979546476
My City: vapi , gujarat
My Complaint Against: dhanvi internet
dhanvi internet’s Contact Details: 079-67777777
Complaint Category: Broadband/Internet Services
My Complaint Description:
I am parth patel.

at 3rd april, 2014 i just take a connection of dhanvi internet at my home. but i didnt suit plan so i cancelled my connection.
now matter is

dhanvi’s marketing person mr. tejas giving me a connection and they say you used net 0ne or two days demo and then our company contact to you and asking regarding your connection and then they deposite cheque in their account.…

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M D India Mediclaim Complaint – Msdiclaim Bill

Subject: msdiclaim bill
My Name: vijay patel
My Contact No.: +919737399292
My City: bayad,gujarat
My Complaint Against: M D India mediclaim
M D India mediclaim’s Contact Details: M D India
Complaint Category: Insurance Companies
My Complaint Description:
my self vijay patel .i am permenent member of M D India insurance from last three year, i applied bills of my wifes name alpaben ,pregnancy bill of approx. Rs.6500 i got the sum of Rs 2500. i want to know reason.…

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Cable Operator Complaint – Complaint Against TV Cable Operator

Subject: Complaint against TV cable operator
My Name: Rakesh D. Shah
My Contact No.: 7383803656
My City: Surat
My Complaint Against: Cable Operator
Cable Operator’s Contact Details: Shop No 5, Shree Ganesh Vision, Shantikunj Shopping Center, Palanpur Jakatnaka, Rander Road, Surat
Complaint Category: Service Providers
My Complaint Description:
Dear Sir, This is regarding to my TV cable Operator- Shree Ganesh Vision, Surat. .

Our Cable operator gives the bill receipt of 6 months at regular time. but this time when we check the receipt of each member of our society, they write different amount of money in each bill receipt. However the fess of the service is fixed but they take much money from each of us.…

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