Phone Has Been Barred From Calls

I had purchased Uninor Sim card on 8th April 2011 with the connection number as 7383535756 from Aakash Provision Store Ahemdabad and had submitted the documents at that store. Before I left the store Uninor representative came there and had picked up the documents for further processing and had confirmed to me that on 9th April 2011 the documents will be submitted at the concerned office.

But to my surprise Uninor sent me a message on 13 April 2011 that due to not submitting the documents my outgoing service will be barred in two days. I gave a call to customer care and said that I have submitted the documents but still I got this message the customer care executive said that If I have submitted the documents to the dealer I need not worry.

To my surprise my outgoing service has been barred since 15 April 2011 and my incoming Service has been barred since 18th April 2011.

When I again gave call to customer care from my friend’s phone the customer care executive and the team leader asked me to go to the dealer from whom i have purchased the sim card of uninor and submit my documents again.

My question and problem is
1 once I have submitted the documents why should I submit the documents again?

2 As the documents have been collected by the Uninor representative from the dealer place in front of me then how can they say that they have not received the documents, that is their problem if their representative has not taken further action of submission of the documents to the concern person. Customer can not be held responsible for that and customer phone service can not be barred.

I want to claim Rs.100000 as reinbursement for the inconvenience caused to me due to service being barred. My customer relation are geting spoiled and my goodwill is being affected even my wife, son, father, mother and brother can not call me as the phone service is been barred.

Please get back to me at the earliest will the resolution to my complain.

I would also recommend to cease the licence of such telecom companies.

Thank you.

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One thought on “Phone Has Been Barred From Calls

  1. Dear Concer,

    I areday use uninor service but alternate discontine means barred the out going calls your reply is not documents is not complet but i have both time send the documents with my sign.

    Please reconnect my connection.

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