Refund For E-ticket Due To Cancellation Or Delay Of Bus In Which Tiket Was Booked

Hello sir/madam,
As per mention in subject I had reservation for Ahmedabad to Rajkot in Gurjar-Nagary from Nehrunagar at 17:09 on 12/08/2011. My e-ticket info are: PNR Number: G1643674
Journey Date: 12/08/2011
Journey From: Ahmedabad
Journey To: Rajkot
Trip Code: 1700ABDRJTLUX39
Departure Time: 17:09 Hrs
Pickup Point: Nehru Nagar
Service From: Ahmedabad
Service To: Rajkot
No. of seats: 1 Adult
Seat No.: 10
Passenger Information:
bhautik paghdar 23 Adult Male
Total fare : 126.00

I was at Nehrunagar on same day at 16:30 were I waiting for the bus till 17:15 then I inquired about bus from inquiry answer was bus is on way it is coming in few minutes it is late due to this heavy rain please wait. Yes at that day its heavy rain in Ahmedabad and I also at that time wet due to rain So I wait till 18:00 in that heavy rain but till bus is not there so I inquire again but answer is same. So at this stage I think its not fault of anybody due to this natural rain it may makes delay for buses.

I have emergency to reach at Rajkot in any condition so I has no option then to wait for bus.

Then also I waited for next two hour till 20:00 cause others people are also waiting as me. But it delay of three hour I ask for inquiry that is it possible to cancel my e-ticket and refund me due to this delay but answer is No as this is e-ticket you can not get refund. so at this
stage I have no option that I even can not cancel ticket what I have to do first I used f-words for this GSRTC then think and I use other buses towards Rajkot and
requesting conductor for please let me in I have reservation in another bus but bus is delay or may be cancel but its not matter for conductor and they not allow me to in. At last after another two hours I got an bus at 22:23:00 a bus from Ambaji to Somnath of Veraval Depot in which I got no place to seat but at-least place for in. In which I collect another ticket :
NO: 010160 12/08/2011 22:23:07
Toll: 2.00 Ins:0.00 HR: 0.00
FULL: 1×109.00 = 109.00
Rs. 109.00
019026 2187 15315 481078661
Not Transferable

I even not know the reason for my booked bus it may cancelled or delay for this five-thirty hrs. After facing all this I again uses f-words for GSRTC for this that I have reservation then also I got no seat and on this I also need to collect another one more ticket.

If possible try to refund me for this.

As in such type of conditions there is no way to refund by GSRTC. Where even private vehicles in such condition at last they gives refund.

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