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This page is only for business owners who want to remove their complaints from this website after successfully solving the customer’s concern.

Please fill the form below if your customer’s complaint is solved and you want to remove the complaint from website.

  • If you are a customer, do not fill the below form. If you want to thank Grahak Suraksha, please click here and enter your message at the bottom of the page under “Leave a reply” section.
  • If you want to thank the company who has solved your complaint, you can write your message in the “Leave a reply” box on your complaint page. (To find your complaint page, please search with your mobile no or name on the right side search box).

Please write full description about the efforts taken to solve the complaint. After you fill the below form, the complaint will be removed entirely from the website. It will take some days for us to remove the complaint off the website.

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