Standard Chartered Bank Complaint – Reversal Of Incorrect Charges On My Credit Card

Subject: Reversal of incorrect charges on my credit card
My Name: Sayed Kishver Jahan
My City: Mumbai
My State: Maharashtra
My Complaint Against: Standard chartered Bank
Complaint Category: Banks Complaints
My Complaint Description:
I have a credit card of standard chartered Bank since many years for which they were sending the PHYSICAL BILL COPY regularly whenever I used the card and accordingly I paid on time. I don't like making late payments. But few months back I used the card for my Mediclaim policy and my bill was higher than usual. I waited for the PHYSICAL BILL COPY but didn't receive it. I thought the amount will come in the next month and this month the bill is not generated. But still since the bill was high I called the bank to ensure no bill is generated.
To my shock the bill was generated with the amount and the payment was overdue. As soon as I came to know after contacting their call center I immediately paid it and asked for a reversal as they had not sent me any physical bill at all which I should have received as I had been receiving. I asked the call centre executive why I wasn't sent the bill and he told me that the company had put my bill on GO GREEN where you don't receive any physical bills. I clearly told him that I didn't ask for it and neither did I approve of it and I always received my physical bills. If the company needs to do any such thing they need to take my permission or inform me. Had they informed me that I will not receive physical bills I would not have used their services as I'm not happy with other methods.
All my payments are cleared by me except for the interest charges and finance charges which is around Rs.2300/- which u refuse to pay as it's the banks problem that they didn't send me the physical copy if the bill.
I have stopped using the card altogether. Nothing is overdue on my card.
Except the incorrect charges and Now they are not reversing the charges and saying that the charges are correct and charging Interest on the interest every month.
Kindly assist

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