Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

First of all, congratulations to all those who submitted their complaints here and are solved. Only some of you add thank you reply on website, but the major complaints are solved. We request you to add your thank you message here.

If your complaint is solved by our help, please write your experience below in the comment box:


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411 thoughts on “Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

  1. Hello,

    Good Evening

    By this morning Dish TV representative has sort out the matter regarding my yesterday issue about dish packages issue. i deeply thankful for your concern in it.

    Once again thank you.

  2. I have complaint against your website. I made my complaint 5 years ago. And you people show full details publicly. Mobile number and other.. no problem but there is no option to remove complaint. And every person who show this call me.. feel eretating. Plss plss plss remove my complaint. As my problem solved but there is no option for remove it.

  3. Thanks to picckrr. Com
    They was solved my problem and refund me the money i m glad to say problem is solved
    Thank you picckr. Com such a good delivery company i ever see

  4. Dear Grahak suraksha

    Thanks for the help in resolving my issue

    I have received the refund from the seller

    Once again thanks

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