Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

First of all, congratulations to all those who submitted their complaints here and are solved. Only some of you add thank you reply on website, but the major complaints are solved. We request you to add your thank you message here.

If your complaint is solved by our help, please write your experience below in the comment box:


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375 thoughts on “Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

  1. Thanks My product was lost while shipping but Paytm mall not refunding now after file a complaint the cheater Paytm mall refunded my money

  2. Thanks to grahak suraksha today i receive message for refund of my money against wrong product shipping by through online.

  3. Grahak Suraksha I thank you for your Best Support..
    The company which was not replying,but after your support the replyed on same day and within three my problem almost solved.
    I just got mail from company and payment partner,
    that refund has been initiated.

  4. I have purchased BPL washing machine but they don’t give me installation person.but after complain in grahak surksha on the same day they provide a installation thank you grahak suraksha

  5. धन्यवाद. तुमच्याकडे तक्रार नोंदवता च company kadun प्रतिसाद मिळाला. अगोदर चार email केले पण नी response होता. धन्यवाद.

  6. Thank you Grahak surkasha to solve my problems I got every payment from Anil Parale(KRUSHIDHAN BIOTECH.So please remove my complaint from website

  7. Thanks to grahak suraksha ,we was submitted complaints yesterday And it is solve today . our seller refund us our payment in our account .so thanks a lot. And thanks to sumit kumar for refund payments
    and inform to grahak suraksha to solve our complaints and request to no further action take against our seller party -mr sumit kumar and his company apocalypse steel and power

  8. The complain is solved. Vplease close the complain and confirm per return mail that the case is withdrawn and closed permanently. No similar case can be done or entertained in future whatsoever.

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