Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

First of all, congratulations to all those who submitted their complaints here and are solved. Only some of you add thank you reply on website, but the major complaints are solved. We request you to add your thank you message here.

If your complaint is solved by our help, please write your experience below in the comment box:


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356 thoughts on “Thanks To Grahak Suraksha

  1. 🙏💕thanku for your valuable help for solving my issues. By your efficient service. I get my money back..exalent service…

  2. Based on the complaint over phone the Employer called me & requested to wait 10-15 days for give the job opportunity.

    Thank you very much for Grahak surasha.

    I will raise the issue again if the employer failed to give the job within deadline.

  3. Thank you so much…I lodged a complaint through you 30 minutes before …and to my surprise I got my refund right now front Fashion Monk. Thanks for such a prompt action!

  4. Hello der, i long it will take to resolve a complaint?? I complainted my complaint 15days back. But haven’t received any response yet.

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