Vodafone Incorrect Information Given And Cheated For Payment

My Name: InderpreetSingh Anand
My Complaint Against: VODAFONE
Contact of Complaint Against:
My Complaint Description:
My vodafone number 9833677133 had a payment due on the account for appox 2300 and I had not made a payment on the number as I was not provided with the services which I was promised when I took the complaintpaid connection. However I went to the Vodafone store informed them about the same they refused to take any action on the same so I kept the Sim at the store and left. Then the number was active and then there was a payment outstanding on the account. I was charged a monthly rental on the same. 2 – 3 months passed by then I received a call from some collections manager telling me to make a payment of 1600 and he will make reverse the remaining amount and give me a NEW sim. I made a cheque payment I went to the store they refused to give me the SIM as they mentioned that since there is a payment outstanding on the account they will not be issuing a new SIM CARD. I called up the collections fellow to inform them about the same they did not answer the call and started to abuse and said do whatever you want to. I came to know the name of the company is RSM Collections. Now its been 5 days since the payment has been cleared and I have not received a reversal and neither has my line been reactivated. I have been cheated given incorrect information. I want to take action against this as they feel that they can do anything they want and get away with it.

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