Volkswagen Dealer – M/s. Automark Motors Pvt Ltd. Vadodara And Goodyear India Ltd.

Car : Volkswagen
Model : Jetta (Diesel) TDI-EN
Registered No. : GJ DQ 4419
Date on Purchase : 09-08-10
Dealer : Auotmark

The above are the details of the car I purchased from your esteemed dealer.

1. On 15-12-10 the I reported to your dealer of the bulge in the Good Year front tyre. The representative of Goodyear came on 118-12-10 and rejected my claim of manufacturing defect.
2. Again on 11-02-11 the same defect as above appeared on the spare tyre which I had replaced with previous. This Claim was also rejected they then offered 50% discount for replacement.
3. Again on 30-04-11 I was returning from my factory & going home when suddenly I had flat. This tyre was sliced and the car had a flat. For this Goodyear representative came on 03-05-11 and rejected my claim,

Sir, do not understand why this is happening. In case you show these faults to any layman, 10 out of 10 will confirm that it is manufacturing defects.

As per Goodyear reports they seem to indicate that I have a passion for banging my car with objects in order to state my claim.

I am a person who is 69 years and have driven cars from 1961.

At the twilight of my life you do not except me indulging in rough driving. What surprises me is why nobody in Volkswagen has been bold enough to declare it as a manufacturing defects.

I am really disappointed with the “I don’t care” attitude of the dealer and therefore wish to approach you.

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