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Hi ,
Myself Kishore and I bought GFIVE mobile from E-bay on August 2010 and now touch screen is not working ,so I sent my Mobile to Baroda(service center) to the Address suggested in E-bay site.
After two days I made a call to them and asked about mobile condition. No proper response from them .Now ,Even those guys really not picking my call. They have added my number in call barring
list.When my wife called them they are picking the call.
Do you think is this a proper way to give response to customer who has faith in E-bay and bought from web site?

Seller details
Address Yogen Ved Mobileaccesories,305 Gayatri Apts ,Opp Ranchod Rai Mandir,Nizampura, Baraoda-390002,Mobile:

Email: [email protected],

Following are sellers bank accounts
Icici bank,name – yogennavinchandra ved, ac no. 048601500531,savings ac,gondal

Sbi bank,name – samir navinchandra ved, ac no. 20009974146, savings ac.,
Channi road,baroda branch.

My Phone deatils
Item title: 2 Sim G-FIVE i9++++ TV,JAVA,4 Side Gravity + 8GB Card
Web address: http://cgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200464270643
Item number: 200464270643
Buyer User ID: kishore4shop
Seller User ID: mobileaccesories

I would like to request to take proper action on them and issue my mobile with repair(As it is

in warranty) as soon as possible, otherwise advice me how can l take legal action on those services guys.


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3 thoughts on “Yogen Ved Mobileaccesories

  1. Hi all

    already replied buyer many times that touchpad is damaged due to pressure on screen but buyer is not ready to admit it fault.

    it is physical damage and hence cant come in warranty.

    we were ready to help but buyer didnt cooperated

    mobile has been already returned to him on his request ON 10TH MARCH THEN ALSO BUYER POSTED THIS ON 16TH MARCH AND ALREADY GOT PRODUCT.


  2. Same things happened here .I have brought a mobile rocker R47 from eBay on February 2011 and after just 1.5 months the touchscreen is not working.I have mailed several times for the next 2 months but there was no reply.then he said pickup of blue dart is not working in kolkata..Then I contacted blue dart and they said there is no problem with pickup.Ultimately I have asked the seller for his address as he is not going to pickup.He send me address just now.And after reading the above complaint I am just wondering that the same reply he will give to me after I send.
    To the Seller : there are several mobiles with touchscreen.Ya sometimes it happens due to wrong use but at least not in 2-3 months.and after all u r giving free 6 months warranty.So that warranty is for what?
    To other buyers:Please refrain for buying anything from this seller .He is totally fraud.and sells only bad quality mobiles.

  3. Yogen Ved is the biggest FRAUD seller in eBay


    I practically got cheated by him first i purchased a skull candy headphone which he said was original and i purchased for 1000rs. but when i received the item to my shock it was a Chinese copy which was merely 100-150rs. i tried to ignore the fact that i had lost my money by this fraud but only after 2 months it stopped working i contacted yogen ved but he ignored my mails and after 1 month of persuasion he finally told me to sent it back ….i sent back the item but he denied of receiving it for 2-3 weeks finally after calling him he accepted but then again i wait for 2-3 weeks to send the item back but he didn't…. now he doesn't reply to my mails and when i call him he says to send the item but 2-3 months have passed i haven't received the item yet…TO my surprise i got cheated and my product also was taken by him..I urge u never to buy from this fraud.AS he sells Chinese products and claims them to be original and treats u very well until you fall in trap of purchasing from him and then never reply to your email or pick your calls

    Fraudster info—
    Yogen ved
    [email protected] ved

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